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I wish to complain to who responsible. On the 11th March 2014 I tried and thought I had booked the big blue hotel (Blackpool) the hotel on the side of theme park) for my little girl and partner for the little ones birthday. I submitted (or least thought I had) for a superior family room for the three of us for what I thought was the 17th march 2014 (this Saturday) through yourselves. Got the price was really pleased, paid, booked it, happy days. I then separately booked a family pass for the three of us for blackpool theme park for the Saturday (not through yourselves). I then went to bed and hadn't realised I had getting my conformation through. Then Hadnt checked the next morning as it had slipped my mind and didnt think there would have been any mistakes on booking dates as i have booked a number of times with yourselves for different hotels before. This morning (Wednesday 19/03/14) I thought oh I better check to make sure everything is all sorted for Saturday... When looking at the conformation We had only been booked in for Monday 17th march (which has passed) for one night. So I got on the phone first thing obviously realising there had been a big mistake your end and try to put it right. I then managed to speak after 2nd call and in total being on the phone for precisely 55minutes to the floor manager of venere(ankan). Who then told me because I was now to late and the date had passed the booked had now been missed through no fault of my own and couldn't be put right. He advised me to get intouch with yourselves to try and hopefully rectify this problem. I then Spoke to reservations @ big blue hotel who also told me there was nothing they could do as the date had now passed. Now I have had to book the hotel again (most defiantly not through yourselves) at a much higher price as we are now only three days away from check in, and as you Know the prices creep up, hence why i booked it two weeks ago. all because now my little girls is now so looking forward to her birthday weekend at this hotel. So in total it has now cost me for the three of us for one nights stay in a hotel which shouldn't have cost me much more than £85 over £200 pound. To say I am foaming is an understatement to the way this has all been handled and has come about for what should have been a simple booking via the Internet with yourselves for a one nite stay away and has turned out to be an absolute nightmare and cost well more than expected. I would like a phone call a.s.a.p hopefully before the weekend from a member or management from customer services team to try and sort this mess. My number is 07973872820.

Mr Dixon.

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